Water Law

Given the state’s arid environment, Arizona substantially regulates groundwater and surface water use. We offer cities, developers, homeowner associations, golf course owners, companies and individuals practical and seasoned representation in a variety of water supply and use transactions and disputes.

Our wealth of experience with Arizona regulators and complex water laws allow us to reach practical solutions for the broad base of clients we represent. Whether you are interested in purchasing or leasing water rights for property development and use, meeting the Groundwater Code’s assured water supply and management plan requirements, or drafting and negotiating water service and effluent service agreements, we are here to help.

Selected Representations:

  • Representing a consortium of cities regarding following substantial water rights cases:  (1) the Gila River Adjudication, involving all water rights to the Gila River and its tributaries; (2) the settlement of the water rights claims of the White Mountain Apache Tribe; (3) the settlement of the Gila River Indian Community water rights claims; (4) the repayment obligations for the Central Arizona Project.
  • Acquiring and securing water rights for municipal, industrial, and agricultural water users.
  • Representing various individuals and entities in shared well disputes, and the negotiation and drafting of shared well arrangements.
  • Representing water providers regarding groundwater recharge and underground storage projects.
  • Representing cities and private clients in drafting and negotiating water service and effluent agreements.
  • Serving as an expert witness on water rights matters.
  • Advising various clients on issues relating to the receipt and use of CAP Water.
  • Representing city and private clients on water acquisitions and transfers.
  • Negotiating and drafting water rights legislation.
  • Representing large Homeowner’s Association relating to water conservation requirements imposed by the Arizona Department of Water Resources for the Association’s lake and landscaped areas.
  • Representing parties in the purchasing and lease of water rights including representing a large master-planned community in the lease of Type 2 water rights from neighboring golf course resulting in Significant reduction in water costs.