Three Engelman Berger Attorneys Served as Guest Lecturers at ASU Law School Class

Engelman Berger Guest Lecturers at ASU Law School

On February 27, Kevin Judiscak, Damien Meyer, and Meaghan Kramer volunteered their time as guest lecturers at the ASU Sandra Day O’Connor Law School. Students in the “Law, Accounting, and Finance” class are responsible for a mock trial presentation of an accounting expert witness, including the introduction of the expert witness’ written opinion. As guest lecturers, Kevin, Damien, and Meaghan gave instruction and tips to the students on courtroom presentation including basic interaction with the court and the witnesses, direct and cross examination, and leading and open questions. They also shared tips on how to make objections and offer relevant evidence, and gave specific instruction regarding expert witnesses, including qualifying an expert, attacking the foundation of an expert’s opinion, and handling objections to the introduction of an opinion.

Kevin, Damien, and Meaghan are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with the students to help them build their trial skills as they get ready to start their careers in the law.