Meet Taylor Rosenow, Our New File Clerk

File Clerk Taylor Rosenow Engelman Berger

Meet Taylor Rosenow Engelman Berger’s new File Clerk. Taylor graduated from the University of Arizona Honors College this past Spring 2018 with two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Political Science and one in Law. She is currently taking a gap year before she heads off to law school. During this time, Taylor wishes to gain as much experience as possible and we are excited to give her first-hand experience in a law firm. As our firm’s File Clerk, Taylor is archiving cases, helping EB get one step closer to going completely paperless, foot noting articles, and file backing. She coordinates closely with the attorneys and legal assistants throughout this process.

Taylor was born in Phoenix, Arizona and enjoys spending her free time reading, sketching, and playing the piano or guitar. During college, she did research for a professor at the University of Arizona Law School which gave her great experience and provided her with a hands-on learning experience. Taylor also worked for our late Senator John McCain. Philanthropy work is very important to Taylor, and she has been a part of many volunteer projects. She was part of the University of Arizona “I Will” campaign, helping to combat stereotypes around sexual assault and recognizing rape culture as an issue that impacts people of all identities. Taylor also volunteered for “Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse” which is the largest provider of domestic abuse prevention services and programs in Southern Arizona. She has also volunteered for the Saint Mary’s food bank for many years and participated in Habitat for Humanity one summer. After law school, Taylor’s goal is to work in the Human Rights section of the United Nations.