Engelman Berger Proud Sponsor of MITA-AZ (Arizona Marijuana Industry Trade Association)

MITA Dispensary Sponsored by Engelman Berger

Engelman Berger is proud to be a sponsor of MITA-AZ (Arizona Marijuana Industry Trade Association). Two of our attorneys, Wade Burgeson and Meaghan Kramer, attended the dispensary owners conference held on May 24, 2018. Engelman Berger works with businesses in the industry to help them create business structures, defend against claims, and protect their investments to ensure that dispensaries in Arizona are able to manage their assets in a way that is consistent with Arizona law.

MITA-AZ, The Marijuana Industry Trade Association – Arizona, is a group of professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, and advocates that are united to build a strong and sustainable future for the cannabis industry in Arizona. This organization works hard to keep Arizona businesses informed, build networks, and thrive. MITA-AZ strives to support and educate local non-profits and citizens on the benefits of joining the Medical Marijuana Program, as well as defeating negative stigmas about cannabis and ending prohibition.

Wade has actively represented MMJ investors and dispensary owners, both to protect their investments and to ensure effective and consistent dispensary management and control. The MMJ industry continues to evolve and Wade has been involved in a number of litigation cases with a goal of protecting assets and asserting the rights of owners and investors.