Engelman Berger Attorneys David Engelman and Steve Berger Are Quoted in AZ Big Media Article

Attorneys at Engelman Berger Quoted in Article

Engelman Berger attorneys, David Engelman and Steve Berger, were quoted in an AZ Big Media article titled, “Arizona Attorneys Make it a Practice to Help Nonprofits.” Our firm is passionate about working with nonprofits as well as attending and sponsoring events to support the mission of many of the Valley’s charitable organizations.

Nonprofits are usually low in funds and most wish to allocate the donations they receive to the programs and people they support. Consequently, when a nonprofit is in need of legal counsel, they have to make a decision i.e. whether they wish to use donations towards payment of necessary legal counsel or toward their organization’s program mission and goals. This is often a very difficult decision, as nonprofits typically prefer to use their funds to help others and not on administrative costs. When faced with this dilemma, Arizona nonprofit organizations rely on Arizona attorneys willing to provide legal services free of charge.

In this article, both David Engelman and Steve Berger are highlighted for the significant amount of pro bono work they have given to nonprofit organizations over the years. David Engelman, co-founder of Engelman Berger P.C., has continuously done pro bono work over the 43 years that he has practiced law. “It’s all about helping those who are in need,” Engelman said. Steve Berger, co-founder of Engelman Berger P.C., also makes it a top priority to offer Arizona nonprofits pro bono legal work. Berger said, “I think for the projects where we provide legal services, we certainly fill a gap for persons or nonprofits who wouldn’t really be able to afford the kind of service we provide normally. They can use that money for more important things, like putting food on the table or their core mission.”

Pro bono service to the community is one of the core values of Engelman Berger. The firm’s attorneys donate several hundreds of hours each year in pro bono legal services. Many of the firm’s attorneys also volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors of a variety of Arizona nonprofit organizations.