EB Attorney Brigitte Finley Green Has Become a Member of the Madison Education Foundation

Brigitte Finley Green Engelman Berger

Engelman Berger would like to announce that in September 2019, attorney Brigitte Finley Green became a member of the Board of Directors of the Madison Education Foundation. This foundation is close to her heart as both of Brigitte’s kids attended Pre-K through 8th grade at Madison Schools. During that time, Brigitte participated in the parent teacher organizations to raise money for art, music, drama, and other extracurriculars that are not sufficiently funded by the State of Arizona. Exposure to the arts have provided significant benefits to Brigitte’s kids, which fueled her interest in the PTO, as well as joining the Board of Directors of the Madison Education Foundation. Brigitte’s membership on the Board of Directors allows her to continue raising money for arts education that benefit all of the children in the Madison District, providing significant benefits to children within the district, just as it did with her own kids.

The Madison Education Foundation is a non-profit foundation that aims to both enrich the quality of each student’s academic and creative education through the innovative and hands-on music and art programs, as well as raise funds, in the form of grants, for the Madison School District. These programs and grants are designed and intended to both enhance and benefit each student’s life inside and out of the classroom. Special components of the Foundation include its partnership with the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), which fully funds trips for all district students. Every school year, the Foundation awards thousands of dollars to Madison District teachers, in the form of grants, impacting all Madison students for the better. The Foundation is also an annual sponsor of the Art Masterpiece program, a district-wide volunteer program that provides students with art education, history, and hands-on projects, in which all eight Madison schools participate.