EB Associate Michael Rolland Quoted in Arizona Business Magazine Article

Michael Rolland Arizona Business Magazine Article

Engelman Berger would like to congratulate associate Michael Rolland on being quoted in a recently published Arizona Business Magazine article entitled, “10 Ways AI Could Disrupt Every Facet of the Legal Industry.”

This article expands on how the adoption of AI in the business world is likely to completely change the legal industry, stating that the practice of law is on the “cusp of a revolution.” AI, otherwise known as artificial intelligence, is the adoption and execution of human intelligence processes by technology, machines, and in particular, computer systems. AI allows these systems to learn as well as perform logical reasoning, self-correction, and more. Some of the topics addressed in this article include, automation, healthcare law, increased efficiency and improved speed with AI, legal research, staffing, and more.

Rolland is quoted, “However bold my prediction, it probably won’t be bold enough” (…) “AI promises – or threatens, depending on your point of view – to disrupt every facet of the legal industry, without exception.” Rolland also states, “You want the newer news?” (…) “I believe a burgeoning frontier is the application of AI to internal firm data to generate viable alternative fee billing arrangements on a broad scale. Legal publications have been predicting the death of the billable-hour model for years … I think the coming years will see a new generation of billing programs that can automatically capture your time and intelligently categorize it with an exponentially improved level of granularity.”

To read the article, follow this link: https://azbigmedia.com/business/law/10-ways-ai-could-disrupt-every-facet-of-the-legal-industry/.