Bill Anger Presented a Seminar on Arizona Water Rights and Valuation for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Appraisal Group

Bill Anger Presentation on Water Rights

On February 19th, Bill Anger presented a seminar on the topic “Arizona Water Rights and Valuation” for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Appraisal Group. Invited to present to the group, Bill spoke about the process for valuing water rights and factors that are important in determining the value of a water right. In his presentation, he addressed how certain physical, legal and cost constraints affect the value of water rights as well as Arizona and Federal statutes and case law affecting the value of water rights.

Bill works closely with cities and other water providers, developers, homeowners’ associations, financial institutions and other entities and landowners, assisting them with regulatory compliance under the Arizona Groundwater Code and surface water laws; securing, purchasing and leasing water rights; water service agreements; shared well agreements; and various water rights litigation including the Gila River and Little Colorado general stream adjudications.