Loan Documentation

Whether you need to document a simple promissory note or a complex loan and security arrangement, our attorneys are experienced in counseling you and then drafting all necessary documentation to protect your rights and remedies as a creditor, which implicitly includes the ability to collect and enforce your rights in the event of a loan default. We are also experienced in assisting you with the purchase of an existing loan package from another lender to insure that you are obtaining and being transferred all relevant information and documents.

Our creditor clients include national banks, state chartered and community banks, credit unions, vendors, and private lenders.  We prepare loan agreements, promissory notes, security agreements, pledge agreements, assignments and all applicable documents to perfect and or assign security interests in both real property and personal property.

Ready, Responsive, Efficient:

The attorneys in this practice area have extensive experience in documenting the loan transaction as well as the loan purchase of existing loan documents.  Our experience ensures that you will get what you bargained for in the transaction!

Selected Recent Representations:

  • Agricultural Lender.
    We have represented an agricultural lender documenting both term and crop financing loans secured by various forms of collateral, including real estate, state land leases, existing and future crops, equipment, titled vehicles, feed inventory, livestock and personalty. This lender was protected when the loans went in default as it was able to recover from its secured collateral due to proper documentation.