Commercial Landlord Tenant Law

Our attorneys assist clients with negotiation, documentation, enforcement of commercial leases, and provide counsel to clients who are parties to commercial leases as issues arise. Our experience spans the entire life-cycle of a lease transaction, even in cases where one party ends up in a bankruptcy proceeding. Our experience for clients on both sides of the aisle (landlord and tenant) gives us a broad understanding of concerns, motivations, and potential problems of a lease transaction.

Our experience includes:

  • Commercial landlord representation in lease enforcement and forcible detainer actions in privately owned retail strip centers to institutional owned major regional shopping centers.
  • New lease negotiations and drafting.
  • Tenant negotiations regarding lease termination or buy-outs, including guaranty obligations.
  • Representation of landlords regarding self-help remedies, injunctive relief, and recovery of damages.
  • Advising landlords regarding proper perfection of lien rights in tenant assets including inventory and furniture, fixtures and equipment.
  • Full representation of parties to leases facing assumption or rejection issues within a bankruptcy proceeding.
  • Enforcement of lease covenants regarding tenant mix, common area renovations, maintenance obligations, and lien rights.