Business Formation and Transactions

Whether you are forming your first business entity or making changes to the structure of your long-time family-owned business, our attorneys will assist you in developing the strategies and documentation of your business transactions endeavors.  In addition, you may be considering a proposal from a third party to enter into a new contract or arrangement with a customer, supplier, or service provider.

Our attorneys will provide prompt and insightful contract review, and as needed, accurately document proposed transactions.  Our experience encompasses a broad array of contractual and business transactions, including: operating agreements, membership agreements, termination agreements, joint venture agreements, purchase and sale agreements, employment agreements, equipment sales/leasing agreements, license agreements, product development agreements, website agreements, information technology agreements, software agreements, confidentiality agreements, merchant agreements, credit card processing agreements, technology licensing agreements, electronic records system agreements, claims scanning agreements, assignment and assumption agreements, right-of-way agreements, franchising agreements, engineering agreements, utility agreements, solar services agreements, water service agreements, effluent agreements, and various intergovernmental agreements involving joint use of municipal related services.

We know that as a business owner or executive, you make the business decisions, and we provide advice to ensure that you are well informed and equipped to do so.  Often we work with your management and accounting team to ensure selection of the best business entity and evaluate structures to ensure your rights are protected to lessen future risk in the pending transaction.

Our experience ranges across numerous industries, including construction , engineering and architecture, physician practices, medical supplies, dental, real estate development, manufacturing, packaging, grocery stores, motor vehicle sales, printing, waste disposal, equipment leasing, pest control, alarm security, printing, restaurant, food storage, website design, internet games, water providers, health clubs, photography, and others.