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April 14, 2020

Updated: May 28, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented global, national, state, and local crisis, impacting significantly on the health and welfare of the general public.  Just as businesses are struggling to cope with the economic impact of the pandemic, courts must also balance necessary safety and social distancing/shut-down directives against the need to ensure reasonable and meaningful access to the courts and judicial processes.  To ameliorate judicial disruptions, Arizona’s courts have issued a number of administrative orders, the purpose of which is to temporarily modify specific rules of procedure and, when constitutionally permitted, restrict or limit the necessity for in-person judicial appearances.  Below are key Arizona state-wide and county specific administrative orders to consider as relates to both ongoing and contemplated litigation and judicial actions:

Arizona Supreme Court Order*

Coconino County Superior Court Order

Gila County Superior Court Order

LaPaz County Superior Court Order

Maricopa County Superior Court Order

Mohave County Superior Court Order

Navajo County Superior Court Order

Pima County Superior Court Order

Yavapai County Superior Court Order

Arizona’s courts have made every effort to remain open and assessable, but we can expect there to be some unavoidable delays in obtaining hearings and orders from the court.  Further, while emergency relief (such as prejudgment remedies, appointment of receivers, etc.) remain available, accommodations may be necessary to allow for telephonic or video appearances.

*April 28, 2020 Update: Arizona Supreme Court Order

*May 12, 2020 Update: Arizona Supreme Court Order

*May 28, 2020 Update: Arizona Supreme Court Order

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